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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Great Garbage Swirl - An Update

On March 17, Captain Charles Moore was on The David Letterman Show. Captain Moore is the man who discovered the plastic garbage swirl in the Pacific Ocean. Although Letterman tried a couple of times to make a joke out of the situation, it is no laughing matter.

We, as humans, are dependant on the oceans. If we don't get our plastic consumption under control we are in for a whole lot of hurt.

This interview is in two parts. I hope you will take the time to watch both of them. I hope you will pass this information on to everyone you know.

Part One

Part Two

Click here to see pictures.

I know it's difficult as plastics are everywhere; from the flip-flops we wear in the summer and the containers our food and home items comes in, to our electronics and cars, but we must find ways to recycle, reduce and/or eliminate the use of plastics in our lives. They are a threat not just to us, but to all life on this planet.

Here are some of the things I have done to cut down the use of plastic.

I use:

wax-paper and/or aluminum foil instead of plastic wrap. If I need to cover a bowl I have found that rubber bands hold down wax-paper quite well.

glass storage containers for storing food instead of "disposable" plastic tubs. They clean up so much better than plastic does!

the bags inside cereal boxes instead of zip-lock bags for freezing food. I wrap food in wax paper, put it inside the bag then bind the bag with a rubber band or two to keep it sealed. Works well.

wooden clothes pins, instead of those colorful plastic clips, for keeping bags closed.

vinegar and baking soda for most cleaning to reduce the use of cleaners that come in plastic bottles.

reusable totes for all purchases.

I recycle everything I possibly can.

It's still depressing to look around my home and see all the plastic it still contains. But I'm determined to do all I can and to figure out more ways to reduce and/or eliminate the use of plastic. Join me in the effort before it's too late.


  1. It is depressing to look around and see all the waste created that could be cut down with a concerted effort. I know I fall short with my meager attempts at recycling and reducing. But what's even more depressing are those who think it's all a joke or who simply don't care.

  2. Bish, we recycle. We kind of backed off on it and are now starting back. (guilty conscience.) And I have reusable shopping bags. Love your cereal bag in the freezer idea. How'd you get so smart??

    I don't use plastic wrap. And you're right, Bish. It is NO laughing matter. For shame on Letterman.

    I will pass this on to all I can. Blessings and I am so happy to know you. I am very thankful for you Bish. =)

  3. sarajayne...I know how you feel. Just what is my little bit of recycling going to do in the grand scheme of things? It may not be much, but my heart, my mind, is clear. I don't know how people can continue to throw trash on the ground. Do they litter up their livingrooms like that?

    Thank you Robyn, for confessing. At least you are starting back. It really isn't as hard as people think. My hubby and I are so blessed to have a recycle place that takes just about everything. The two of us produce about 1 bag of unrecyclable garbage every week to 10 days. As for the cereal bags...I decided this year I'm eleminating or cutting WAY down on the use of ziplock bags. Well, I had to use something else. The cereal bags seemed like the best solution.

  4. That's a great video and thanks for reminding us again. I could be a lot more careful than I am.

  5. Great tips, Bish. I like to use the liners from cereal boxes too. And it's just as easy to pop a glass casserole dish in the microwave as a plastic one. I do use too much plastic, though.

  6. Yes, to all of your efforts, Bish and thanks for the suggestions. I'm hoping our city is going to banish those plastic bags. That is way overdue.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tricia, Marcia and Lee. (Marcia, I don't want to alarm you, but...microwaving plastic is bad for you health. The plastic leeches carsenogens....Use glass.

  8. Thanks for the important reminder. I could do much better than I do. I love my reusable grocery bags. Besides being better for the environment, they're much sturdier and easier to use.

  9. Reuse is such a key word! Great sharing here.

  10. How fantastic!! I appreciate this post, it is important to remind everyone (including me) how much plastic we actually use! I luckily am already doing well from the list you provided, though living in Houston it is harder to recycle versus other states, however my apartment complex recently started giving out recycling bins so that's about to change!

    I respect you trying to help others out there!! I'm joining the team even more!

  11. Oh my goodness, this is SO disturbing! I'm sick thinking about the poor creatures that have to share their water home with human garbage and/or feed on it. I already recycle, but will make it a point to cut down on my plastic consumption after this.

  12. Dear Bish,

    As you know, I live in a place with minimal recycling. You do know how much I do not use plastic as some years ago I went back to the wonderful use of my china and crystal - washes great and looks good, too! It's just so sad that so much plastic - pretty much of necessity for keeping things like specialized wound care products sterile - is used for medical issues. Can't help that part, but sure have reduced and reuse in many other areas. The added benefit of that reduction and reuse also means freeing up a fair number of dollars for some much more worthwhile (to say nothing of more fun) purposes!

    Plastic beaches, plastic beaches...I see them o'er the dashboard of my car............enough already - but it could come to that!

    Am with you!

  13. WHOA! I'd not heard of the swirl before; thank you for bringing it to my attention!

    I've been trying to cut down on plastic mostly through re-using things, but I think I need to do more...


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