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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alice in Underland

Yesterday Stan and I went and saw Alice in Wonderland. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The 3-D effects were stunning and we laughed quite a bit. To the purists, be warned, it is NOT the books. It is rather a gathering of various characters from Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, placed in a new story.

Much as I love Johnny Depp, I think Helena Bonham Carter up-staged him as the Red Queen.

But my favorite character was:
The Cheshire Cat. I absolutely LOVED how he poofed in and out, floated around, and had me laughing.
All thanks to the talented Stephen Fry.

But the thing I took home with me, that will stay with me the longest, is this lesson from Alice: that she imagines at least six impossible things every day. And I thought, what a great writing prompt!

Imagine six impossible things and then put them into a story. So here are my six impossible things for today.

1. A green sky
2. Talking trees
3. Cows that give chocolate milk
4. Dolphins that pull chariots
5. Books come to your hands just by speaking the title
6. Mosquitoes that don't bite

What about you? What are your six impossible things?


  1. The Cheshire Cat was my favorite character as well, and I thought the scene where she was counting off her 6 things was very moving. :-)

    1. All the beautiful birds outside let me go out and hold and pet them whenever I feel like it.

    2. Every rain drop springs forth a beautiful flower immediately.

    3. A Junior Mints tree.

    4. Hidden fairy worlds in the forest.

    5. Merpeople living in the lake next door.

    6. A pair of shoes that lets you levitate.

  2. 1. The taxes will do themselves while we're gone this weekend.
    2. Every morning, one brand-new $20 bill appears under my pillow.
    3. I can make instant improvements/repairs to our home and yard just by speaking them.
    4. I could be one of my cats for five minutes.
    5. I'm a beautiful young thing with flowing hair and long dresses living in a rose-covered cottage in a small woods and all the animals and insects are tame.
    6. I can spend one day in the life of my happiest descendant in the year 2100.

  3. The rest of my family watched it but I haven't.

    My six impossible things:

    1. Perfect temperature everyday, with sunshine and breeze

    2. I can breathe under water

    3, a fridge that destroys all expired food

    4. I know kung fu

    5. croissants make your heart strong.

    6. Instant travel

  4. Oh you gals! These are great! Summer, I love the idea of merpeople living next door in the lake. Marcia, taxes that do themselves (or that we didn't have them at all?) is a wonderful impossibility.
    And Yat-Yee, I would SO like to be able to breathe underwater!

  5. I love Yat Yee's impossible things -- every single one.

    1) Cats that don't produce solid waste and never go near roads.

    2) A job where I can sit and read all day (I know, very lame, but it's still my dream)

    3) Animals who feel no pain or fear when they are killed and are utterly delighted to be eaten.

    4) Eternal life with regenerating body parts (but I get to keep my soul, knowledge-stocked brain, and experiences)

    5) A world where everybody practices the Golden Rule.

  6. Wow! Great idea.

    1. A world where time doesn't exist.

    2. Money grows on trees.

    3. There is no month of March.

    4. Or winter.

    5. Big cats could be house pets.

  7. Bish,
    I'm still away but checking a few blogs and I just love this post. I wasn't going to see Alice but now I think I will. And the six things is a fabulous idea!
    1) I could sprout wings and fly at will
    2) Time travel is available as a vacation
    3) There are zero calories in chocolate
    4) Manuscripts could edit themselves
    5) Blue whales would tell us what they know
    6)Money grew in lettuce patches

  8. Okay, now I have to see this movie. I hesitated because Alice in Wonderland was the book that captured my heart when I was very young. It was what turned me into one of those bibliophiles. I always worry that a movie will dilute fond book memories, but you've changed my mind on this one.

  9. Oh Mary...I LOVE everyone practicing the Golden Rule!

    Elana, of course I grew up where there is no "winter" as such...and technically, there is no such thing as time as it's something WE'VE made up!

    Tricia, I'd love to learn what the whales know and to be able to fly at will and...yes, manuscripts edited themselves would be the best!

    Yep, Lee (and Tricia too) if you go not looking to see our beloved story I don't think you can go wrong. It's better the Avatar (story wise) by a LOOOONNNNNNNG shot.

  10. Hi Mary! *waves* I remember your kitty...

  11. Great post and great idea. My brain is broken just now so I can't come up with six things, but I am going to be thinking about it. :)

  12. Great, Bish! Everyone's got me covered with their impossible ideas. This movie is on my list. And I guess I'd better see it in a theater rather than waiting til it's on DVD.

  13. Loved the movie! What a fabulous idea Bish!!!

    Ummm lets see my six impossible things.

    1-I recieved a letter from Hogwarts
    2-Hogwarts really existed
    3-Candy didn't rot your teeth
    4-Money didn't matter
    5-Work didn't feel like work
    6-Everyone loved one another

    Elana I love March it's my birthday month... why all the hate?!

  14. Impossible things:

    1. My kids would brush their teeth, pick up the wet towels and do their homework without my professional nagging behaviors.

    2. The secret to a slim and muscular body can only be attained through the consumption of half a pound of Belgian chocolate per day.

    3. I can speak cat.

    4. The dog scoops her own poop.

    5. It only rains at night and all day the temperature is warm and the sky is filled with sun.

    6. We each get a day to return to a previous time to speak to anyone of our choosing.

  15. Fun prompt! Let's see:
    1. candy is good for you
    2. vegetables are bad for you
    3. houses clean themselves
    4. it snows without being cold
    5. it rains without being wet
    6. computers never get hung up

  16. I love this idea (6 impossible things to put into a story)! And yes, I totally want to go & see Alice & Wonderland!!

  17. sarahjayne, Think hard, they'll come to you!

    MG, I would definitely recommend seeing this movie in the theater even though it costs more...because of the glasses....

    Candy doesn't rot the teeth...LOL Jen!

    Oh Anne! You are so funny! #1 and #2 on you list had me on the floor!

    I thought it was/is a fun prompt too, Susan.

    Thanks for becoming a follower Terresa!

  18. I love that idea -- six impossible things! I'm going to have to try that...

    We haven't seen this movie yet, although I know the rest of the family really wants to. Sometimes I'm just as content to wait for Netflix and it's a lot less than taking four people to the movies!

  19. A great exercise in creativity. I loved your six impossible things, especially No 5.

  20. Bish - thanks for the quote you posted on my blog today...I love it!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the movie - great list of impossible things!

  21. Thanks Judy. Just think, standing in the library, books flying around, people ducking....

    You're welcome Adrienne. That quote is one of my favorites and is on my computer to remind me to GET OUTSIDE!

  22. Waiting for "Alice" to get here...

    My "six impossible things," at the moment, are too depressing to list as they begin with "A young and healthy Mom as we always knew her."

    Enough said, but really want to see the movie when it gets here!


  23. Oh, I do agree! Yay for impossible things!!!

  24. I have been dying to see this in the theater! I've heard mixed reviews about it though. Your review makes me want to go this weekend!

    What a great writing prompt BTW! I may have to use this myself...

    I have an award for you on my blog. :)


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