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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you...


Now I know many of you are probably sick of the stuff. But here where we live in Texas snow doesn't happen all that often, maybe once every three to five years.

It's beautiful, AND I'm glad it will only last today, maybe tomorrow.


  1. Oh and THANKS for posting about my contest! You are awesome!!

  2. Snow! Lovely. And so my award is coming just in time, Bish. I've given you The Sunshine Award. Come and get it at The Write Game and take it to Texas.

  3. Oh, I catch the excitment through that lovely slide show. Thanks for bringing me into your moment of fun.

  4. You are entirely welcome Angela!

    Thanks Lee!

    Tricia, we trooped around until my feet were numb!

  5. I bet your dog loved it! The gnome needs some mittens :).

  6. Thanks for the pictures. The closest thing I've seen to anything like that here is in the freezer (which was just defrosted). Ursa looks particularly delighted!


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