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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Great Garbage Swirl - An Update

No, it hasn't gone away or gotten smaller. No, no one has figured out how to clean it up.

Yes, it's getting bigger. And yes, there are more than one. Here's an article from November 9, 2009.

Wherever, whenever you can, reduce and/or eliminate the use of plastic. I know it's hard, it's everywhere. But think about this: In Europe they still bottle catsup in glass bottles. How come we don't here in the U. S.? I can tell you why, because we've gotten used to the "convenience" of those squeeze bottles. But how selfish is that?

Let's I want to be able to squeeze my catsup out or do I want to make sure the earth will be habitable for future generations. Hmmmm, tough choise.

I bet if we all protested to the companies that bottle catsup (no to mention all the other companies that put stuff in squeezable containers that were once in recyclable glass) we could eliminate a lot of plastic.


  1. Glad I am that I don't use ketchup anyway. I'm afraid a lot of people don't believe the problem is real. Maybe we all need a field trip to the dump. Thanks for your reminders.

  2. This is so disheartening. I've read a lot about this and I'm glad that it's becoming more and more public knowledge.

    One thing I find very frustrating when I vacation in parts of the US (Florida comes to mind for one) is how little people recycle. Here in canada we all do it as much as possible. My kids don't even think twice about checking for the recycle number before choosing trash or recycle basket. But when we were in Florida, let me tell you there wasn't a recycle recepticle to be found. We tried to save our bottles and cans at least and finally found a place for those at a grocery store hidden behind a side stairway.

    Things will not change unless people change, and this will not happen unless govermental bodies put more time and energy in showing recycling and conservation is a priority. It makes me so upset because I know for all I do here, there are hundreds of thousands of families still relying on trash cans 100% to keep their lives clean.

    (Not picking on Florida, just telling what it was like when we were there 4 years ago. I hope something has changed since.)

  3. Tricia, It's not just catsup, but water and soda bottles and plastic bags and on and on and on....

    I hear you Angela, loud and clear. We are so pleased here in the little town I live in to have a recycling center, but always disheartened by the fact that the majority of people don't take advantage of it. Hubby and I recycle so much that between the two of us we produce about 1 bag of garbage every 12 to 14 days. If everybody body did that...well it there would be a lot less in the landfills.

  4. When I first started trying to reduce/recycle I thought it would be hard, but I find it doesn't take anymore time to throw something in a trash can as it does to throw it in a recycle bin...I am still amazed at how some people look at you like your nuts when you try to tell them easy ways they can recycle, etc...I've heard..."it's just the government wanting you to spend money..." ha...silly people!

  5. That is so sad. I thought it would be hard to reduce/recycle, but once you make it part of your daily life it's much easier. I so wonder why everyone doesn't just try!


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