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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Books I Read in 2009

Being dyslexic (mildly so compared to some I've known) I'm not a speed reader. I don't skim well. If I do start skimming I know the book is not holding my interest. When I'm caught up in a book I read every single word, every sentence. Maybe it's just me (I'm hoping there are others out there who experience the same thing) but when I'm reading and I put down the book I often forget the story. YET when I pick it back up, everything comes rushing back, like a fast moving high tide. Suddenly I'm in the middle of it all up to my knees getting soaking wet. Sometimes, when a story really has a hold on me, when I go to sleep, I continue the story in my head.

I decided in January of this year that's I'd keep a list of what I'd read. It's a hodge-podge, eclectic. But then, so am I; a hodge-podge of genetic material that had an eclectic childhood. This leads, I hope over time, to eccentricity. If I'm not there yet, I hope to be real soon. I plan to keep a list each year from now on. I have linked to some of the authors, who are also fellow bloggers.

My 2009 Reading List

1. Nation – Terry Pratchett
2. The Wanderer – Sharon Creech
3. Word Magic – Cindy Rogers
4. I Capture the Castle – Dodie Smith
5. Lawn Boy – Gary Paulsen
6. Dairy Queen – Catherine Gilbert Murdock
7. Hattie Big Sky – Kirby Larson
8. Me and the Pumpkin Queen - Marlane Kenedy
9. The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman
10. Alex and the Ironic Gentleman – Adrienne Kress
11. The Devil’s Arithmetic – Jane Yolan
12. Wabi-Sabi for Writers – Richard R. Powel
13. A Great and Terrible Beauty – Robin McKinley
14. Freedom in Exile – The 14th Dalai Lama
15. Writing Down the Bones – Natalie Goldberg
16. Sorcery – Terry Pratchett
17. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks – E. Lockhart
18. Chains – Laurie Halse Anderson
19. The Forest of Hands and Teeth – Carrie Ryan
20. Wintergirls – Laurie Halse Anderson
21. The Adoration of Jenna Fox – Mary E. Pearson
22. The Shape of Water – Anne Spollen
23. Algernon, Charlie and I – Daniel Keyes
24. The Chocolate War – Robert Cormier
25. The Gift of Rain – Tan Twan Eng
26. The Treasure in the Little Trunk – Helen Fuller Orton
27. When the Whistle Blows – Fran Cannon Slayton
28. The White Tiger – Aravind Adiga
29. Telex From Cuba – Rachel Kushner
30. Sliding on the Edge – C. Lee McKenzie
31. Library Lion – Michelle Knudsen
32. Listening for Lions – Gloria Whelam
33. When You Reach Me – Rebecca Stead
34. What’s Upstairs – Avi
35. Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree – Lauren Tarshis
36. Truckers – Terry Pratchett
37. Which Witch – Eva Ibbotson
38. Loser – Jerry Spinelli
39. A Crooked Kind of Perfect – Linda Urban
40. Home and Other Big Fat Lies – Jill Wolfson
41. Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher – Bruce Coville
42. A Long Way from Chicago – Gary Paulsen
43. Dog Gone – Cynthia Chapman Wills
44. The Haritage of Hastur - A Darkover Novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley (a reread after many, many years.)
45. Protector - Larry Niven

Do you have a list of books you read during 2009? Any favorites? It's not a children's book, but I have to say The Gift of Rain was stunning, absolutely stunning.


  1. Not shabby for a dyslexic :) I don't keep a list ... but I've loved many from yours. Happy reading in the next year.

  2. You've read a lot of books on my to-read list, and I can see you're a Terry Pratchett fan (my husband rereads his books every year he loves them so much). I've been trying to keep a list too, but I keep reading books and then forgetting to write them down. I have GOT to get back to a place where I can find a dependable supply of books in English!

    Happy New Year, Bish, if I don't 'see' you again in 2009!

  3. I ditto Vijaya--well done! I think I'll post a list on my blog so I have a record of books read in the year. I love your description of how you get caught up in a story. Up to my knees soaking wet describes it for me, too.

  4. I was surprised, Vijaya, by how many books I actually got read.

    Mary, I LOVE Terry Prachett. I haven't read a book of his yet that I wasn't thoroughly entertained by.

    Thanks MG. Your list of books has further inspired me to read...more.

  5. Keeping a list--what a fantastic idea! You've read some wonderful books. Some of the titles are still in my "to be read" pile. Now I'm inspired.

  6. Wow, you read a TON of books! I think I only read about 30, but that's pretty good for me.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  7. Awesome list! I've read some of these books as well this year. I love hodge-podge eclectic. It's the spice of life! :0)

  8. Cynthia, I had to start keeping a list so I could remember what I had read! I'm really liking it.

    Thanks Elana. I know people who read a lot faster than I do and whose lists are waaaaaay longer than mine. Kind of makes me jealous.

    Christy, so many books to read. Long ago I realized the only regret I have is that I will not live long enough to read all the books I want to read.

  9. Great List! I love seeing what other people read. I'm going to check out a few on your list.


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