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Friday, November 13, 2009

Colors of the Virgin Islands - Clouds - Part Four

I've always loved clouds. Been fascinated by them. As a kid the questions went something like this. What are they made of? Are they soft? Can I sit on a cloud? What makes them change shape? Why are some so big and fat and some so little and thin? When I saw the movie The Incredible Shrinking Man I just KNEW if I ever went through fog that I'd start to shrink too. So I was afraid fog. Not that there's a lot of it in the islands. There isn't and when it happens it's really a low-flying heavy cloud sitting on top of a hill. Just the same it was many years before I realized it was just a story and not real and that I wouldn't shrink and there was nothing to be afraid of.

Despite my strange fear of fog, I still loved clouds and the way my imagination could see things in them. What can YOU see?

As for NaNo. As of yesterday, the 12th, I'm at 25, 928 words!


  1. 25,000 words? Crazy girl! You rock. I love, love the cloud pictures. Totally gorgeous.

  2. I was taking pictures of the clouds just last night - they fascinate me too!
    Beautiful pics.

  3. So many of the low clouds look like volcanic eruptions. Beautiful.

    Boy, you must have a trail of lead with all that writing.

  4. my kids ALWAYS notice cool clouds while I'm driving. Since I can't take my eyes off the road to study them, I sometimes pull over.

    Congrats with the writing goals!

  5. Beautiful post. It's foggy much of the time where I live and I've gotten used to it, but it used to scare me, too. And from a movie! Only my source of fear was THE CRAWLING EYE, in which a monster lurked on a fog-shrouded mountainside.

  6. Awesome pictures! Love all the clouds. And congrats on NaNo!


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