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Monday, October 26, 2009

Homophonic Monday - S

shear, sheer, shears, sheers

Looking down the face of the sheer cliff, he took his shears and cut the sheer fabic into to strips. Before he started lowering himself down he said, "Sheers to you!" (ooooo, me bad.)

sac, sack, sacque
saccharin, saccharine
sachet, sashay
sacks, sacs, sax
sale, sail
salter, psalter
sane, seine
saner, seiner
satire, satyr
saver, savor
sawed, sod
scarf, scarph
scene, seen
scent, cent, sent
scull, skull
sea, see
seal, seel
sealing, ceiling
seam, seem
seamen, semen
seams, seems
sear, seer, sere
seas, sees, seize
season, seisin
sects, sex
seed, cede
seeder, cedar
seeding, ceding
seek, Sikh
sell, cell
seller, cellar
sense, scents, cents
senses, census
sensor, censer
sequence, sequents
serf, surf
serge, surge
serial, cereal
series, Ceres
serous, cirrus
session, cession
set, sett
sew, so, sol, (la, ti, do) sow
sewer, sower
sewer, suer
sewn, sown
shake, sheik
she’ll, shill
shear, sheer
shear, sheer
shears, sheers
sheave, shiv
shew, shoe, shoo,
shier, shyer, shire
shone, shown
shoot, chute
sic, sick
sics, six
sigh, psi
sighed, side
sigher, sire
sighs, size
sight, site, cite
sign, sine
signet, cygnet
sink, sync
Sioux, sou, sough, sue, Sue
slay, sleigh, sley
sleight, slight
slew, slough, slue
sloe, slow
soak, soke
soar, sore
soared, sword
socks, sox
sol, sole, soul
solace, soulless
sold, soled, souled
some, sum
son, sun
sonny, sunny
soot, suit
sordid, sorted
spade, spayed
specs, specks
spoor, spore
staff, staph
staid, stayed
stair, stare
stake, steak
statice, status
stationary, stationery
steal, steel
step, steppe
stile, style
stoop, stoup
storey, story
straight, strait
succor, sucker
suede, swayed
summary, summery
sundae, Sunday
surplice, surplus
swat, swot
sweet, suite
symbol, cymbal


  1. Wow. I'm impressed you made this list up. So cool. I never even thought of all these and beginning with S!

  2. LOL! I am really glad I read your first glance I thought it read "homophoBic Monday" LOL! I thought, oh SHEAR! Errr...Oh DEAR, what title, LOL!

    You homophoNic post was very clever!


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