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Monday, October 19, 2009

Homophonic Monday - R

Wrapped in her wrap, she rapped at the door, waiting in rapt attention.

rabbet, rabbit
rack, wrack
racket, racquet
radical, radicle
rail, rale
rain, reign, rein
raise, rays, raze
raiser, razer, razor
rancor, ranker
rang, wrang
rap, wrap
rapped, rapt, wrapped
ray, re (do, re, mi)
read, red, redd
read, rede, reed
reading, reeding
ready, reddy
real, reel
recede, reseed
receipt, reseat
reck, wreck
readout, redoubt
reek, wreak
reference, referents
relaid, relayed
rends, wrens
residence, residents
resinate, resonate
resisters, resistors
rest, wrest
retch, wretch
review, revue
rex, wrecks
rheumy, roomie, roomy
rho, roe, row
rhumb, rum
rhyme, rime
rigger, rigor
right, rite, write, wright
righting, writing
rind, rynd
ring, wring
ringer, wringer
riot, ryot
rise, ryes
road, rode, rowed
roam, Rome
roc, rock
roes, rose, rows
roil, royal
role, roll
roo roux, rue
rood, rude, rued
roomer, rumor
root, route
rot, wrought
rote, wrote
rout, route
rouse, rows
rued, rude
rues, ruse
ruff, rough
rung, wrung
rye, wry


  1. English teachers and writers love this got ones here, Bish, that I never would have thought of!


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