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Monday, October 12, 2009

Homophonic Monday - P and Q

The presidents use precedence to set precedents that become a yoke upon the people.

paced, paste
packed, pact
packs, pax
paean, peon
pail, pale
pain, pane
pair, pare, pear
palate, pallet, palette
pall, Paul, pawl
parish, perish
parity, parody
pascal, paschal
passable, passible
passed, past
paten, patten
patience, patients
pause, paws
pea, pee
peak, peek, peke, pique
peal, peel
pearl, purl
peas, peace, pees, piece
pect, pecked
pedal, peddle
peeking, Peking
peer, pier
pence, pents
pend, penned
pendant, pendent
pendants, pendence
pends, pens
penitence, penitents
per, purr
petrel, petrol
pharaoh, farrow
phase, faze
phew, few
phial, file
philter, filter
phlox, flocks
pi, pie
pica, pike
picks, pix, pyx
picnic, pyknik
pidgin, pigeon
pieced, piste
pincer, pincher, pinscher
pinion, pinon (nut)
pistil, pistol
place, plaice
plain, plane
plaintiff, plaintive
plait, plate
planar, planer
plantar, planter
pleas, please
pleural, plural
plum, plumb
pocks, pox
pokey, poky
polar, poler
pole, Pole, poll
poled, polled
poof, pouffe
poor, pore, pour
popery, potpourri
populace, populous
pores, pours
practice, practice
praise, prays, preys
pray, prey
precedence, precedents, presidents
premier, premiere
presence, presents
pride, pried
pries, prize
prince, prints
principal, principle
prior, pryer
profit, prophet
pros, prose
Psalter, salter
psi, sigh, xi
puttee, putty

quarts, quarz
quay, cay
quean, queen
queue, cue
quince, quints
quire, choir
quoin, coin

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