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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day

It's Blog Action Day . Take a moment to check out The Eco Women.

As for me, I want to remind everyone about plastic. Plastic is NOT biodegradable. It just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. Every piece of plastic that has ever been produced is still in existence.

In the northern Pacific Ocean is a great plastic garbage swirl that is by the estimation of some twice the size of Texas. No one knows how deep it is. To learn more about it, watch this video of Capt. Charles Moore, the man who discovered it over ten years ago.

Help save the planet and humankind else we will drown in a sea of plastic.

Here are some easy things you can do to reduce the use of plastic.

1.) Take your own bags when you go shopping.
2.) Use glass storage containers in your kitchen.
3.) Use aluminum foil and/or freezer paper instead of plastic wrap. Both can be recycled.
4.) Use an aluminum or stainless steel water bottle and stop getting water in plastic bottles.
5.) Reduce the amount of soda you drink/buy. Of course it would be best if you eliminated soda altogether. But I'm not going to lecture you on that.
6.) Use real glasses, stoneware, and/or china instead of plastic dishes.
7.) Recycle, recycle, recycle.


  1. I've been working on cutting back on how much plastic we bring home and it has turned out to be something of a challenge -- there's just so much stuff that's packaged in plastic these days.

    I have managed to nearly eliminate plastic bags because we always bring our own. As for other food packaging, we're opting for glass, metal, or cardboard whenever possible. We're using cloth bags for produce and some bulk goods.

  2. Great reminders. I do a lot of these already, but for a while I'd always forget the reusable shopping bags in the car. Takes a while to break old habits!

  3. Bish, thanks for pointing this out today. I followed your lead, posted, and linked you, too.

  4. Amen! You're gonna write that article on the plastic island, right?

  5. Jennifer, I know what you mean. Everywhere I look there's plastic, from toothbrush to CD case, computer keyboard to pens. I get discouraged when I look around. It's everywhere.

    Adrienne, Took us a bit to remember the reusable bags too. Now I even reuse the plastic bags we put produce in at the grocery store. Once I put the produce away, I put them into the reusable bags. I reuse those plastic bags until they have holes in them.

    Thanks Tricia!


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