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Monday, September 28, 2009

Homophonic Monday - N and O

Not for naught the naval man tied the knot while staring at his navel.

nap, knap
naught, not, knot
naval, navel
nave, knave
naw, gnaw
nay, neigh
neap, neep
need, knead
new, gnu, knew
nice, gneiss
nick, knick
nickers, knickers
nigh, nye
night, knight
night, knight
nit, knit
no, know
nob, knob
nock, knock
nod, gnawed
noes, nose, knows
none, nun
not, knot


o, oh, owe

odder, otter
ode, owed
offal, awful
ohs, owes
one, won
oohs, ooze
oppose, appose
oracle, auricle
or, oar, ore
oral, aural
ordinance, ordnance
oriole, aureole
ought, aught
our, hour
overdo, overdue
oversea, oversee


  1. Bish, have you ever thought of creating a picture book using homophones? "Odder otter" made me think of it.


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