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Monday, September 21, 2009

Homophonic Monday - M

At the morning the men mustered, only to go into mourning over the loss of their mustard.

mach, mock
macks, max
madder, matter
magnate, magnet
maid, made
mail, male
main, Maine, mane
maize, maze, mase, Mays
mall, maul, moll
manner, manor
mantel, mantle
marc, mark, marquee
mare, mayor
marquee, marquis
marry, Mary, merry
marshal, martial
marten, martin
maser, mze
mask, masque
massed, mast
mat, Matt, matte
maybe, may be
me, mi (as in do, re, mi)
mead, meed
mean, mien
meat, meat, mete
meatier, meteor
medal, meddle,
men’s mends
metal, mettle
meter, metre
mewl, mule
mews, muse
micks, mix
middy, midi
might, mite
mil, mill
mild, miled
millenary, miniery
mince, mints
mind, mined
miner, minor
minks, minx
missal, missile
missed, mist
misses, Mrs.
moan, mown
moat, mote
mode, mowed
moir, moray
mold, mould
mood, mooed
moor, more, Moore, Moor
moose, mousse
moral, morel
mordant, mordent
morn, mourn
morning, mourning
mortar, morter
mose, mows
mucous, mucus
muscle, mussel
mussed, must, musth
mustard, mustered
mutual, mutuel

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