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Monday, September 14, 2009

Homophonic Monday - L

The Lapps who ran relay laps swore they won but a time lapse camera showed one of them had a relapse.

laager, lager
lac, lack
lacks, lax
ladder, latter
lade, laid
lain, lane
lair, layer
lam, lamb
lama, llama (unless pronounced like it is in Spanish, yama)
lance, launce
lap, Lapp
laps, Lapps, lapse
larva, lava (a stretch)
lase, lays, laze, leis
laser, lazar
lay, lei, ley
lea, lee, li
leach, leech
lead, led
leader, lieder, liter
leaf, lief
leak, leek
lean, lene, lien
Lear, leer, lehr
leas, lees
leased, least
leased, least
leaver, lever
ledger, leger
lends, lens
lessen, lesson
lesser, lessor
levee, levy
liable, libel
liar, lyre
lice, lyse
licence, license
lichen, liken
licht, licked
licker, liquor
lickerish, licorice
lie, lye
lieu, loo, Lou
lightening, lightning
limbs, limns
linch, lynch
links, lynx
literal, littoral
lo, low
load, lode, lowed
loan, lone
loath, loathe
loch, lock
lochs, locks, lox
loon, lune
loop, loupe
loos, lose
loose, luse
loot, lute
lumbar, lumber

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