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Monday, September 7, 2009

Homophonic Monday - I, J, and K

That man seeking about in the nave at night was not a knight but a knave.

I, eye, aye
I’d, eyed,
idle, idol, idyll
ileum, ilium
I’ll, aisle, isle
illicit, elicit
illusive, allusive
immanent, imminent
immerge, emerge
impassable, impassible
in, inn
inc., ink
incite, insight
independence, independents
indict, indite
indigence, indigents
inequity, iniquity
infuser, infusor
innocence, innocents
instance, instants
insure, ensure
intense, intents
irrupt, erupt
its, it’s

Jjam, jamb
jealousy, jalousie,
jeans, genes
jewel, joule
jibe, gibe
Jim, gym
jinn, gin
jinks, jinx
jire, gyre
juggler, jugular (arrrg!)

Kkarat, carat
kart, cart
kernel, colonel
key, cay, quay
kew, cue
kite, kyte
klick, click
knap, nap
knave, nave
knead, need, kneed
knee, nee
knew, gnu, new
knick, nick
knickers, nickers
knight, night
knit, nit
knob, nob
knock, nock
knot, not, naught
knotty, naughty
know, no
knows, nose, noes
kraft, craft
kohl, coal

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