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Monday, August 24, 2009

Homophonic Monday - H

Hail! to the hale harrier, Hairy Harry, who is hairier than a woolly mammoth, yet looks handsome when he rides in his master's hansom.

hail, hale
hair, hare
hairier, harrier
hairy, Harry, harry
hall, haul
hallo, hallow (hmmmm)
halve, have
handsome, hansom
hangar, hanger
hardy, hearty
Harold, herald
hart, heart
hay, hey
hays, haze
he’d, heed, heid
he’ll, hill
heal, heel, he’ll
hear, here
heard, herd
heir, air, etc. (see air)
heroin, heroine
hertz, (as is mega or as in rental car?) hurts
hew, hue, Hugh
hi, hie, high,
hide, hied
higher, hire
him, hymn
hissed, hist
ho, hoe
hoar, whore
hoard, horde, whored
hoarse, horse
hoc, hock
hoes, hose
hold, holed
hole, whole
holey, holy, wholly
hoo, who
hoop, whoop (don’t know about that one)
hostel, hostile
hour, our
humerus, humorous
hurdle, hurtle

1 comment:

  1. Wow. Next assignment: Choose 10 sets of homophones and use them in a creative story
    (can you tell today was the first day back to school?).


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