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Monday, August 17, 2009

Homophonic Monday - G

The old gnu knew that the news about the new gnus wasn't good.

gael, gale,
gaff, gaffe
gage, gauge
gait, gate
gaited, gated
galley, gally
galop, gallop
gamble, gambol
gang, gangue
gays, gaze
gel, jell
gene, jean
gibe, jibe
gild, gilled, guild
gilt, guilt
gin, jinn (or djinn)
glair, glare
glutenous, glutinous
gnar, knar
gnaw, naw
gnawed, nod
gneiss, nice
gnomic, nomic
gnu, knew, new
gnus, news
goaled, gold
gored, gourd
gorgeous, gorges (watch out below!)
gorilla, guerrilla
grade, grayed
graft, graphed
grate, great
grayed, grade
grays, graze
grease, Greece
greave, grieve
grill, grille
grip, grippe
grisly, grizzly
groan, grown
groom, grume
guarantee, guaranty
guessed, guest
guide, guyed
guise, guys
gunnel, gunwale
gym, Jim
gyre, jire


  1. I always good to hear good gnus. ;0)

  2. Jim guessed his guest had grown tired of the treadmill when he heard a loud groan from the gym. :)


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