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Monday, August 10, 2009

Homophonic Monday - F

They sent a fax about the facts regarding the furor over the fuehrer after his foe found him in possession of a faux faun's fawn.


facts, fax
fail, faille
fain, fane, feign
faint, feint
fairing, faring
fairy, ferry
faker, fakir
fare, fair
farrow, pharaoh
fatalist, fatelist
fate, fete
fated, feted
faun, fawn
faux, foe
fay, Faye, fey
fays, faze, phase
fazed, phased
fear, fere
feat, feet
fees, feeze
fends, fens
fern, firn
ferrate, ferret
ferule, ferrule
feted, fetid
feudal, futile
few, phew
fie, phi
file, phial
filet, fillet
fill, faille
filter, philter
fin, Finn
finally, finely
find, fined
finish, Finnish
fir, fur, furr
fisher, fissure
flacks, flax
flair, flare
flea, flee
flecks, flex
flew, flu, flue
flier, flyer
Flo, floe, flow
floc, flock
flocks, phlox
flour, flower
foaled, fold
for, fore, four
forbear, forebear
forego, forgo
foreward, forward
foreword, forward
formally, formerly
fort, forte
forth, fourth
foul, fowl
‘fraid, frayed
franc, frank
frays, phrase
frees, freeze, frieze
friar, frier, fryer
fungous, fungus
furor, fuehrer (as in "We heil! Heil! Right in der Fuehrer’s face)
furs, furze
fussed, fust


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