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Monday, July 20, 2009

Homophonic Monday - C

I can't make sense, of the scents. But for two cents I'll tell you that to use a censer is "to cense."

cache, cash
cached, cashed
cachou, cashew
calendar, calendar, colander (my add on)
calk, caulk
call, caul, cawl, col
callous, callus
calyx, calyx
cam, camb
canape, canopy
cane, cain, Caine (as in the Mutiny)
cannon, canon
cant, can’t
canter, cantor
canvas, canvass
capital, capitol
caret, carrot, carat, karat
carol carrel, charol
carpal carpel
carry, Carie
cart, carte, kart
cask, casque
cast, caste
caster, castor
caudal, caudle
cause, caws
cay, key, quay
cedar, ceder, seeder
cede, seed
ceding, seeding
ceil, seal, seel
ceiling, sealing
cel, cell, sell
cellar, seller
cense, cents, scents
censer, censor, senser, sensor
census, senses
cent, scent, sent
cense, cents, scents, sense
cerate, serrate
cere, sear, seer, sere
cereal, serial
Ceres, series
cession, session
cete, seat
chalk, chock
chance chants
chard, charred
chased, chaste
cheap, cheep
check, Czech
chews, choose
Chic, sheik
Chile, chili, chilly
chitin, chiton
choc, chock
choir, quire
choler, collar
choral, coral
chorale, corral
chord, cord, cored
chordate, cordate
chott, shot
chough, chuff (hmmmm)
chronical, chronicle
chucker chukker
chute, shoot
cirrus, serous
cite(d), sight(ed), site(d)
cites, sights, sites
citing, sighting, siting
clack, clacque
clause, claws
clew, clue
click, clique
climb, clime
close, clothes
coal, cole, kohl
coaled, cold
coarse, corse, course
coat, cote
coax, cokes
cocks, cox
coco, cocoa
coddling, codling
coffer, cougher
coign, coin, quoin
collard, collared
colonel, kernel
come, cum
comedy, comity
complacence, compaisance
competence, competents
complacence, complaisance
complement, compliment
con, conn
conceded, conceited
concent, consent
concenter, consenter
conch, conk
concord, conquered
conscious, conscience
continence, continents
coo, coup
cop, kop
copped, copt
cops, copse
coquet, coquette
corn, corps
correspondence, correspondents
cosher, kosher
cosign, cosine
council, counsel
councilor, counselor
cousin, cozen
courtesy, curtesy
coward, cowered, cowherd
craft, Kraft
crape, crepe
crater, krater
Crays, craze
creak, creek
crewed, crude
crewel, cruel
crews, cruise, cruse
cubical, cubicle
cubit, qubit (a quantum bit)
cue, queue
currant, current
curser, cursor
cygnet, signet
cymbal, symbol


  1. Now I know why I'm always confused...grin...

  2. Wow! Long list!

    I hope you're having fun. Looking forward to more of your island posts!


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