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Monday, July 13, 2009

Homophonic Monday - B

Please bear with me, but I can't stand a bare bear that scrapes the bark off a tree while the dog barks at it.

bail, bale
bailee, bailey, bailie
bailer, bailor, baler
bailing, baling
bair, bare, bear
bait, bate
baited, bated
baiting, bating
baize, bays, beys
bald, balled, bawled
ball, bawl
balm, bomb
baloney, Bologna
band, banned
bans, banns, bands
bar, barre
bare, bear (please, bear with me) bear (as in grizzly)
bard, barred
bark, (like a dog) bark (on a tree) barque
baron, barren
Barry, berry, bury
barrel, beryl
basal, basil
base, bass (low note), bass (fish)
based, baste
bases, basis, basses
bask, Basque
bat, batt
baud, bawd
bay, bey
bazaar, bizarre
be, bee
beach, beech
bean, been
beat, beet
beau, bow (with which you shoot an arrow or how you tie your shoe) bow (to bend at the waist) bow (the front of a boat)
beaut, butte
been, bin
beer, bier
beetle, betel (nut) Beatle (one of the Fab Four)
bel, bell, belle
belligerence, belligerents
benzene, benzine
berg, burg
berger, burger, burgher
bergle, burgle
berth, birth
besot, besought
better, bettor
bi, by, bye, buy
bight, bite, byte
billed, build
bird, burred
bit, bitt
blew, blue
bloc, block
bloat, blote
boar, Boer, boor, bore
board, bored
boarder, border
bobbin, bobbing (that’s a stretch)
Bocks, box
bode, bowed
bogey, bogie, bogy
bold, bolled, bowled
bolder, boulder
bole, boll, bowl
boos, booze
bootee, booty
born, borne, bourn, Bourne (Identity)
borough, burro, burrow
bough, bow
bouillon, bullion
boy, buoy
brae, bray
braid, brayed
brain, brane
braise, brays, braze
brake, break
breach, breech
bread, bred
bread, bred
brede, breed
brewed, brood
brews, bruise
bridal, bridle
broach, brooch
broom, brougham
brows, browse
brr, burr
bruit, brut, brute
buccal, buckle
build, billed
bundt, bunt
burger, burgher
bus, buss
bused, bussed, bust
but, butt
buy, by, bye
buyer, byre

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