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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

13th Floor Elevators

One of the first psychedelic bands was the 13th Floor Elevators. They put out four albums between 1966 and '69 and influenced bands like R. E. M. and ZZ Top. They were on the Dick Clark Show twice, and played in San Francisco at the Avalon and Fillmore. They shared billing with the likes of Quicksilver Messenger Service, Grace Slick and the Great Society (Pre-Jefferson Airplane) and Moby Grape.

One would think a band like them would have originated in San Francisco, Chicago, or New York. But they didn't. At a time when you were be suspect and could get picked up by the police for having hair touching the collar or for wearing a goatee, these guys definitely pushed the envelope, stepped out of the box. So it's interesting that they came out of Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

Who would have thought the first band to actually promote psychedelics would spring out of such an ultra-conservative (for the time) environment?

Below is a clip of them from the Dick Clark Show playing they're biggest hit, "You're Gonna Miss Me." Of course, they aren't doing it live, but...who cares?

And yes, that guy really did play the electric jug. It's that funny little rapid noise you hear in the background.

Some of the band members are still around, not together or as the Elevators, but they're out there doing their thing. Some of them are right here in the little town where I live, making music.



  1. I like that song. It doesn't sound all that far off from something that you might hear now.

    How cool that some of these guys live near you!

    Very interesting.

  2. That song definitely has a 60's vibe! I think I need to learn how to play the electric jug! :)

  3. The electric jug? Lol.

    And Happy Birthday! We didn't have Internet for awhile, so please accept this belated greeting : )

  4. Christy, it is cool a couple of 'em live here.

    Kelly, I was hoping you'd stop by! Oh yes, very sixties, considering it was recorded in '65-'66. Their second album is called Easter Everywhere and is their best.

    Thanks Anne. I really like that little puffing sound in the background. Other bands who cover this song try to copy it by using the bass. Something is lost in translation.

  5. that hand clapping at the beginning was annoying. Love the band, tho. great song. And i love the guy in the pool. lol

  6. I was leaving a comment on your most recent post and couldn't help seeing the label for this listed in your sidebar. I've mentioned this group in my blog several times. In fact I was just making a comment on another blog about the tribute album Where the Pyramind Meets the Eye -- a great compilation of other artists performing the songs of Roky Erikson. Easter Everywhere is one of my top favorite albums of all time.

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