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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rena's Book Blog Tour!

My friend Rena Jones is having a book blog tour to promote her NEW BOOK,
A NEW JOB FOR DILLY which has just hit the shelves. She is also having a contest. So hop on over to Rena's and see what all the excitement is about!

Below is the schedule for her blog tour. HIP, HIP HOORAY!

June 21st – Sherrie Petersen

June 22nd – Beth Reinke

June 23rd – Elysabeth Eldering

June 24th – Sharon Spray

June 25th – Adrienne Saldivar

June 26th – Nikki Shoemaker

June 27th – Vivian Zabel


  1. I'll be reading about Dilly on that tour! Congrats to Rena!

  2. Thanks, Bish (and Kelly too!) I'm hoping the blog tour will be a lot of fun for everyone to follow. Oh, and Bish ...

    You've been tagged!


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