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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Despite the extended drought there has been enough rain to fool our yard and a few sturdy plants into blooming.


Purple Cone Flowers

Red Yucca

Wild Verbena

Blackeyed Susans

Clematis, or Leather Flower

Mealy Blue Sage

Yellow Cone Flowers

Standing Cypress

Rose Campion

A little color can go a long way in brightening up the yard. I give all the credit to Stan. He's the one with the green thumb. I admire and gather little bouquets.


  1. What a colorful variety of flowers in your yard! Thanks for the beautiful pics, a wonderful way to start the morning!

  2. What a pretty variety.
    Glad you've had some rain :)

  3. Gorgeous! And so many! Reading the names reminded me of Little House on the Prairie, somehow.

  4. I love those flowers -- and the names too.

    We've got a lot of the same flowers here -- they do very well without water -- and there are a lot of flowering trees and vines too, like bougainvillea and jacarandas. I wish I had a garden here, though; I'd love to collect some bouquets!

  5. A feast for the eyes. My garden is also looking very colorful ... and fragrant.

  6. Just gorgeous. And your photography is great,too!

  7. Askme is me -- I have no idea why it's coming up that way, but the same thing happened on Mary's blog.
    I'm signing in the regular way

  8. beautiful! I thought of you the other day I saw a black cloth tote bag and on the side it said "luxury instead of plastic"


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