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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sea of Plastic

Here's an update.

If I didn't feel hopeless before...

Be warned.

A talk given by Captain Moore.


  1. This has bothered me for a long time. A couple of weeks ago, I picked two shopping bags worth of plastic off our local beach, including bottle caps, the rings around them, bags, bottles, shoes, and bits of toys. I could scream whenever I see people toss these out without a by-your-leave. Having seen this, I feel even angrier.

    In Sweden, they had plastic that disintegrated after a certain period of time, but the products that used this were more expensive and of course there were problems with shelf life. People won't pay more for products like this -- that's the bottom line -- but in the end we will all pay dearly for the convenience of disposable plastic.

    There ought to be an anti-plastic lobby. This is a hideous legacy to leave.

  2. Bless you Mary, for picking up trash. My husband does it regularly just along the road by our house. We are constantly befuddled by what people throw out of their very sad.

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  4. We totally recycle everything here...wash our plastic and put it out in clear bags. It is routine (and the law). But these videos make me wonder what happens next? How does the plastic get into the ocean, people dumping or are cities / countries dumping?

    It was very sad to see the captain say there was no way to remove what was already there....

    Besides recycling I think reducing is important. My friend gets his wine delivered each season in 100 litre containers. We should think up something like that for water.

  5. I have this sense: How could this be going on and I am just hearing about it now? Why isn't this on the news instead of Octomom coverage? This needs to be publicized more.

    And yes, the answer is more in reduce/reuse than recyle. Sickening.

  6. Angela, My husband and I recycle so much we produce about one bag of garbage in 10 to 14 days. Returning to reuseable containers would be one thing we could do. Glass, tin, aluminum. It may be more expensive but...hey, the world and our health is at stake here. Maybe putting an extremely high tax on plastic (like they've done to tobacco) and getting a refund for each bottle returned, (like they used to do for glass) would help.

    Oh Anne, that was exactly my reaction when I found out about this. Why are we so concerned with the president's dog (and Octomom) when the oceans are being turned into a poisonous soup? Passing on the info is one step I can take in educating people.


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