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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Random Thought - An Abstraction (or two)

Here are a few abstractions to tickle the fancy.

Arrogance, nose in the air and feet in the sewer,
dresses like a Disraeli Dandy
and raises a perfumed hankie to his nose.

Happiness lives in the laughter of children.
Covered in mud
she leaves tiny footprints on the floor.

Imagination, the twinkle in God's eyes,
wears anything
and shows up unannounced and without an invitation.


  1. Excellent abstract descriptions!
    My happiness definitely grows when my children are laughing (but not when there are muddy footprints all over the floor :) But hey, it'll clean up! Worth it!

  2. I love what you wrote about imagination. My friend published an article about my family in a chinese magazine the title: without an invitation. It was about the cultural differences between US and mainland China and visiting other people's homes.

  3. Oh, yes, happiness!
    Bish, I sure hope you're collecting some of these ... think Wordsong (the poetry imprint of Boyds Mills).


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