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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Ones That Didn't Get Away - You Won't Believe What We Caught!

People who fish always have stories of fish that got away or fish that did strange things or things they caught that weren't fish.

My family has a few of those.

One time my mother hooked a fish that was obviously big as it was giving her a good fight, bending the fiberglass rod nearly double and ripping line out of the reel. Then suddenly there was an extra tug and the line went limp. We all assumed the fish had gotten away. But when Mom finished reeling in the line so Dad could check the lure what did she bring to the boat? A fish head. That's right, a fish head. It was a Bonito. The rest of it's body was gone, severed (in the words of Dirty Harry) "clean off." That extra tug she felt, was no doubt a shark taking the opportunity to catch himself an easy meal. The thing is the head alone was about 5 pounds. There was enough meat on it to feed us all!

Mom and Dad were out by themselves and while Mom was letting out line, she felt a tug like something had been hooked. To their amazement the lure and line went up into the air instead of down into the water. She had caught a seagull! Mom had to actually reel in the bird so Dad and her could unhook the poor thing which fought with a great of flapping wings and pecking of beak. But eventually they did manage to free it and no doubt the bird went around to all his bird friends and told a horror story about the fish that caught him.

Our dear friend Gene got a strike while fishing with Erva and Dad. Gene was towards the bow, Erva and Dad towards the stern. As Gene was reeling in the fish there was an "Oh sh*t," moment when a barracuda, obviously after his catch, lept out of the water and sailed across the middle of the boat, a distance of about 6 feet. Luckily no one was in the way.

Anyone out there have any interesting fish stories?


  1. Yikes on that last one!!

    My son caught a fish down at the river a few weekends ago in the most unconventional way...he heard a flapping/splashing noise and found a good sized trout caught in the shallows among the rocks, trying to get back out into the river. Thinking quick, he scooped the fish up with his bare hands and threw it onto the bank, where his brother finished it off for him.

  2. ohhh wow!

    I've done a little fishing in my time, but no stories of consequence. Wow!


  3. Wow! Great fish stories! My hubby and father are fishing fanatics (though on lakes, not ocean as we live in the midwest).
    When I was 17, my friends and I were swimming in the Caribbean. I was last to climb up the ladder back onto the sailboat and looked down, there was a barracuda! Eeek!

  4. Barracuda? That is why I keep my toes in the swimming pool!


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