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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Critter in Town

Our small back yard has been visited by many critters. Maybe it's because Stan has kept it clean by being organic. We are continually amazed by the abundance of life.

We won't mention the deer which, until this long drought, kept to the woods next door or the squirrels who raid the bird feeders or all the birds. For several years we had a roadrunner run through on his way to the woods. Come summer the bats will be swooping around the night light catching bugs.
We've had some nice insects too. Twice a Luna moth found its way to our yard. They are a rare and beautiful sight in this part of the states. As of a few nights ago the lightening bugs are back.
June bugs and rhinoceros beetles are favorites of mine.
Every once in a while a tarantula shows up.
Orb spiders grace various parts of our yard with their beautiful webs.

We've had a number of different snakes come slithering through, like a giant king snake. Stan says it was the most beautiful animal he's ever seen. We've also seen grass and garter snakes, a hognose and maybe once a cotton mouth. For a while a rat snake was living in the wall of our shed. Of course we have an abundance of lizards; the plain brown lizards that can turn a brilliant bright green, spiny tree lizards and geckos.
Toads are regulars. At night when we sit on the porch we can hear their movement as they disturb the gravel. I made a toad house but I don't know if anyone has moved in.

Armadillos wander through, as well as possum, skunk and jack rabbit.

Which brings me to the new critter. It seems a young bunny rabbit has taken a liking to our yard. We've seen it now several times, hopping down the gravel path, hopping across the lawn. We've seen it during the day and at night. We don't know if it's actually living in our yard or visiting from the woods that are right next to us.

We've seen rabbits before, but this little guy - or gal - is showing up on a regular basis, as though he likes our yard. Of course I don't blame him if he does. He's welcome to stay. We'll keep an eye on our dog, Ursa, 'cause we'd feel bad if she caught him. Mostly we're just crossing our fingers that he doesn't start eating the bean plants in the garden.


  1. Cool Bish -- I love hearing about all the wildlife that people have near their homes. Great pictures!

  2. You do have some cool crawlies in your yard! Yikes to the tarantula! (The lizard is cute though!)

  3. Wow! Your yard sounds like a National Geographic refuge! cool! :0) Great pictures too!

  4. I love your critter pictures. Love those beetles and spiders. And of course the bunny would love to stay. You have a garden! Munch, munch, munch ...

    Yesterday our pup caught a squirrel. She would NOT drop it. I made a big distraction and she finally let it go, but I love all my critters ...

  5. Yea to the Texas branch of the "Denham Bird Sanctuary and Game Preserve!" I cannot imagine living in a place without the wonders of nature around me! Great shots, too!

  6. I tell you Rena, our yard is small, but filled with life. It's wonderful.

    Kelly, Tarantulas have a bad rap. They are really quite shy and non-aggressive.

    I'll take that title Christy! It is a refuge.

    I KNEW you'd like the beetles and spiders Vijaya!

    We may not have iguanas in our trees, Erva, but we do get the occasional owl or hawk.

  7. Those are awesome. The tarantula reminds me of the pet one I had when I moved out on my own. The day my new room mate moved in, I told her that he would sometimes climb out and wander around the apartment, but usually ended up in his cage to feed.

    I woke up the next morning to find she'd stacked 8 heavy metal coasters on the door of his cage, lol.


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