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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Mother's Day Tribute

Here's to all the mother's in my family.

Sallie Carver Haught - Mother of Sarah Haught

Sarah Haught Miller - Mother of James Munro Miller

Eliza Miller - Married to James Munro - Mother of Sarah Eliza

Sarah Eliza, "Nana" - Holding her son, my father, John Stanford Denham

Claire Boulon - Mother of Paul Alfred Boulon - Holding my mother, Erva Claire

Berta Chase Hartwell- Mother of Erva Hartwell

Erva Hartwell Boulon- Mother of Erva Claire Boulon

Erva Claire, my mother at about 13.

Happy Mother's Day


  1. What a treasure to have all these pictures! Happy Mothers Day to all in your family : )

  2. Those pictures gave me chills - the good kind! They are unbelievably cool.

    Interesting that your mom is reading - and you are a writer ; )

  3. Me again, bugging you. I keep meaning to ask you - what kind of flowers do you have near you in your profile picture? They are gorgeous.

  4. Thanks KLo. We are indeed blessed to have all these pictures.

    Anne, Looking at these pictures gives me chills too; being able to see where traits come from. I'm the only one among all the cousins to have the dark ring around the iris that is clearly visible in the photo of Eliza Miller, my great grandmother. Both my parents were avid readers and good writers too.

    The pink flowering vine in the picture is, I believe, native to Mexico and Central America. I know it as Coral Shower, but I've also heard it called Queen's Wreathe, Queen's Crown and Lover's at the Gate. It is a choking vine in the Caribbean. Here in Texas it dies back in the winter, comes back from the roots and is a non-invasive vine. I LOVE it and it loves bees.

  5. Oh.... I absolutely love those photos and it's amazing you have them. I have photos of my Mom and a couple of my Gran, maybe one or two of my great-gran, but that's it.

    Thanks for sharing these moments in history.

  6. Wonderfully beautiful photos, Bish. I love the one of your grandmother holding your father. I just adore the way she is looking at him!

  7. What fabulous pictures, Bish! A true treasure!

  8. What a wonderful collection of photos! I just love the last one of your mom.

  9. Wow! What a great tribute for MOther's Day and what great photos!!!

  10. Those are wonderful, and Nora is right: they are a true treasure. I've got photographs like this in storage, but nothing so well organized. The one of your mother is especially sweet.

  11. Bish, dear.

    We are, indeed, blessed in that we know as much as we do about the two sides of our family. Most of the people I know are aware of little beyond their grand parents, and know even less of, or before, their great-grand parents. Thank goodness for Nana, Grammy and a few others who have taken the time to, for us, confirm all the family "legends!"


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