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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

20 Books

My blog-friend Angela has an interesting game of tag going on which I am here-by passing on to anyone who might like to come out and play.

The idea (without taking any time to think about it) is to list 20 books that are important to you, that have "stayed" with you, made a difference.

Here's my list, in no particular order. And yes, I know it's over 20...but, well, get over it!

1. The World of Pooh
2. The World of Christopher Robin
3. The Cat in the Hat
4. A Child's Garden of Verses
5. Islandia
6. The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde
7. The Secret Garden
8. The Book Thief
9. Call of the Wild and White Fang
10. The Oz books (I'll count them as one!)
11. East of Eden and Cannery Row
12. The Lord of the Rings
13. The Collected Works of William Butler Yeats
14. Animal Farm
15. One Day in the Life of Ivan Danisovich
16. Writing Down the Bones
17. Eloise
18. The Princess and Curdie
19. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nihm
20. Lord of the Flies
21. The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson
22. Light on the Path and Through the Gates of Gold
23. Zen in the Art of Writing
24. Diary of Anne Frank
25. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc

There are so many others...Anderson's and Grimm's Fairytales, other books by Mark Twain, Steinbeck, and Jack London, Green Mansions, The Neverending Story...But the above are the ones that came to mind first. They are books for the most part, that I have on my shelves, and no matter how long or short the time between visits to their pages, when I pick them up I am once again carried away much as I was the first time I read them.


  1. Okay, Bish. Here's my list and I did "try" to pare it down to 20. but have "cheated" because some of these are anthologies and/or collections. In no particular order:

    1. To Kill a Mockingbird
    2. Jane Eyre
    3. Pride and Prejudice
    4. Huckleberry Finn
    5. Collier's Junior Classics (10 volumes)
    6. The Oz Books
    7. Brave New World
    8. Animal Farm
    9. King James Bible
    10. The Works of Shakespeare
    11. Norton's Anthology of English Literature Vols I and II
    12. Diary of Anne Frank
    13. Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde
    14. Under Milkwood
    15. Essays of Raph Waldo Emerson
    16. Dear Dorothea
    17. Eloise
    18. Little Women and the sequels
    19. The Yearling
    20. The Good Earth

    So many more that are so memorable! Thanks. This was fun!

  2. In no particular order.

    1. Where the Sidewalk Ends
    2. Peter Pan
    3. Wuthering Heights
    4. Are You My Mother?
    5. Little Women
    6. Anne of Green Gables
    7. Diary of Anne Frank
    8. Little House series
    9. Tom Sawyer
    10. Huck Finn
    11. Shakespeare (can't pick just some titles)
    12. Doctors
    13. Acheron
    14. To Kill a Mockingbird
    15. Jane Eyre
    16. Why Was I Adopted?
    17. Rock and a Hard Place: One Boy's Triumphant Story
    18. The Boxcar Children series
    19. The Reef
    20. Gone With the Wind

  3. Oh man! Those are some great choices! I wish I had remembered them too! No fair! Peter Pan, how could I forget Peter Pan? and Jane Eyre? and To Kill a Mockingbird? Sigh...

  4. Okay... here it goes,

    1. Jane Eyre
    2. Sense and Sensibility
    3. The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing
    4. Les Miserables
    5. Little Women
    6. A Long Fatal Love Chase
    7. Rebecca
    8. Gone With the Wind
    9. To the Lighthouse
    10. Writing the Breakout Novel
    11. The Shipping News
    12. The Diary of Anne Frank
    13. House of Mirth
    14. The Age of Innocence
    15. To Kill a Mockingbird
    16. Wuthering Heights
    17. The Bible (should have been my #1)
    18. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
    19. I Capture the Castle
    20. Grace Awakening

    This was so hard! I love so many different books, and some of my favorites change with the seasons of my life. But, these changed my life. Seriously, in one way or another. XOXO

  5. I like how we all seem to have several books in common, CJ. I LOVED I Capture the Castle. The House Mirth was such an excellent tragedy...I should have added The Astonishing Life of O.N. too. Isn't there supposed to be a sequel?

  6. Oh ISLANDIA! HOw could I forget that one? And Ann Frank's Diary? And Emerson!

    I love your list!

    And thanks for playing!!!

  7. I've got a list too, and some of these are on it, along with John Kennedy O'Toole's Confederacy of Dunces and Barbara Kingsolver's Bean Trees. It's nice to have tried and true books you can go back to again and again when you run out of fresh stuff.

  8. Angela, You know about Islandia too? I think I can count on one hand (maybe two) the number of people who've read it. In this day and age, it's probably to "slow" a read for most people to get into. But I LOVE it for just that reason, it makes Islandia more real. The first time I read it I wanted to move there.

    Mary...hmmmm. I am not familiar with a Confederacy of Dunces or Bean Trees. I will have too look into those.

  9. Great lists, everyone. I'll have to do this on my blog soon! :)


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