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Monday, March 2, 2009

Good News!

My article, Buttons in History, is now up at Stories for Children.



  1. Button, button, who's got the button? Yes, yes, yes!!

  2. I actually LOVE buttons! I used to collect them, and have thought about doing that again. Great job! Congrats! XOXO

  3. Very informative article! Congrats! Five million dollars on buttons?! Wow!

  4. What a great article! Good job, Bish. I love stories like that.

  5. I love it! Congratulations! I'd love to have seen a button garden. Fascinating!

  6. Thanks Erva!

    CJ, my button collecting started with some buttons that belonged to a couple of my great-grand mothers. I still have them. I don't really collect like some people. But when I find buttons I like, I get them. I seem to have a fondness for Czech glass buttons made in the 30s and 40s, they are very Deco.

    Kelly, Oh those French...they can be soooo extravagant.

    Thanks Rena. It's one of my older and more favortie articles. I'm glad I finally found a home for it.

    Joan, there's an email surprise for you!

  7. Oh I love Stories for Children.


  8. Congrats Bish!!! Wonderful story!

  9. I'm sure I commented before, but I guess it didn't post. Congrats on your story! I loved the idea of the button garden.

  10. Kim, I agree, Stories for Children is GREAT!

    Thanks Brenda!

    Adrienne, Thanks for posting a second time. Button gardens ARE neat.

  11. Oh, congratulations! I found the article very interesting and I'm sure kids do, too. My mom had a huge Mason jar filled with all sorts of buttons when I was little. I used to love going through them, each one has a story and they are all so different.


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