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Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's All About Lizards - Part III - My Bedrooom Lizards

As a teenager there were three lizards who lived in my bedroom, two males and female. One male was very dark brown, almost black, the other was a deep olive green. They each had their own wall and window which they patrolled. I named the dark brown one Sauron and the green one Frodo. (Can you tell I was into The Lord of the Rings?) They showed up at different times and seemed to co-exist quite nicely.

Here's a Frodo-like male throwing out his throat pouch looking very bold and brave.

But it is the little female that I was most fond of. I named her Celeste, after a favorite Donavan song of the same name. What made her so unique is that I only saw her when I played my guitar and sang. From out of nowhere, it seemed, Celeste would appear. Wherever I happened to be in my room, she would be a foot or so away. She would be on the wall near my head, or on my bedside table, or my pillow. She would cock her little head from side to side as if carefully listening to each note, each song. As soon as I stopped playing and singing Celeste would disappear. She was my first devoted fan.

Here’s a picture of a little female that looks very similar to my dear Celeste.
While I was in the islands I had one of these little cuties hanging around my bed and night table, a good place for catching small moths and bugs. She was bold, so bold she sometimes hung out on the outside of my mosquito net because it was a very good place for catching mosquitoes.

Part IV will explore (HA! a rhyme!) a variety of other kinds of lizards.

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  1. I loved part 3 -- great stories! I'm also a fan of Donovan, though a lot of people today have no idea who he is. :)

  2. So cute. As I mentioned before, I really love lizards and wish that they were part of the wild here, yet sadly they are not. It's nice to see them scampering all over the natural enviroinment--thanks for the pictures.

  3. I didn't even know you played guitar. How cool that your first fan was a lizard!


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