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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Texas Society

Yes, Virginia, there is a Texas Society of the Virgin Islands. It started out with a few Texans at a bar-b-que and has blossomed into a group of people (you don’t have to be Texan to join) who do good works, raising money for local island charities. Last year they distributed about $34,000.

How do they raise money?

They have a chili cook off, what else?

On Sunday, August 17, the Texas Society of Virgin Islands held its 24th annual cook off. It is a sanctioned event. The winner is eligible to go to the Terlingua International Championship Chili CookOff. If the winner is not a Virgin Island resident (and cooks come from all over) then the Virgin Islander who came in as a runner up is eligible to go.

Below are pictures of the event which took place on Brewers Beach, so named because once, long ago, there was a rum factory there.

The Governor opened the event, note steel pan on the right. The crowd was treated to a group of youngsters playing.

Hogs gone wild.

A Texas team.
Heavenly Chili Ordained, served by nuns. A young man dressed suspiciously like Jesus sprinkled passers by with vodka.

Fishermen welcomed. And yes, seafood and veggie chilies are allowed.

One could try to knock down vodka bottles, which were used as pins.
Looking north.

Looking south. On the hill are buildings that are part of the complex that makes up the University of the Virgin Islands.

And of course, no beach event is complete without a beautiful boat anchored off shore.


  1. OK. I'm ready to move there! I like chilli, but the beach makes it even MORE appealing! :0)


  2. Yum!!! I love chili, but I love it most in the winter, when it's twenty below here in Chicago. :)

    Great pictures! My favorite is the nuns, and the vodka-sprinkling Jesus. LOL!! :)

  3. What a cool fest. I love how you share the life of your island with us!


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