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Monday, May 19, 2008

To Gene

There are people who come into your life who, in either large or small ways, make a difference.

Gene was one of those people. I suppose I could list the many influences he had on my life, my sister's life, my family's life, but of what importance are those influences to anyone except us?

What I will say about Gene is that he loved life, he loved to laugh, he loved helping people. He spent all his working years as a lowly social worker. Just think of how many lives he touched?

I got the word today from my sister, who was closest to him. On Mother's Day, Gene was doing what he enjoyed doing most, riding his motorcycle, when a tree fell on him, killing him instantly.

There are some among us who will expereince for the rest of their lives a kind of hole which once was filled by him. He will be missed.

This is the only picture I have of Gene. It was taken on July 4th, 1968. He had the most amazing blue eyes. Perhaps the sky will be just a tad bluer from this point on.


  1. That space, that very special "Gene space" in my heart, was, and never will be filled, by anyone else. I don't know when (or if) my tears will cease reagrding his death. My only internal sources of solace are the the thoughts of "what would Gene say" and pictuing the wry smile that would appear on his face, as, with his wonderfully outrageous sense of humor, he would comment on whatever the issue of the day happened to be.

    While he may not have thought it, he touched more lives than he may ever have been aware. We had, for 40 + years, a truly unconditional and sad love for each other. To quote Whittier, regarding us,

    'Of all sad words of tongue or pen,
    The saddest are these, "What might have been." ' (Maud Muller).


  2. I'm so sorry, Bish and Erva. I don't know what to say. Words fail me at this point.

    Praying for and thinking of you and your family...


  3. I'm so sorry you lost your friend!

  4. I am deeply sorry, Bish and Erva.

  5. Thanks Donna, Susan and Vijaya. We are strong. We will get this through this. We will remember him and in time rejoice.


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