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Sunday, April 13, 2008


It’s my Sweetie’s birthday today. He’s as handsome as ever and doesn’t look a day over 50! (And I’m not telling how old he is.)

He’s a good man, Stan is. Honest, loyal, generous, thoughtful, smart (even if he doesn’t think so) and most importantly, loving. He showers all of these wonderful qualities on me, for which at times I do not feel deserving. I’m blessed to be so loved.

Here he is looking thoughtfully out into space. This was taken at least five or six years ago. There’s the hint of a long strand of hair escaping.

And he grew it out just for me. A few years ago he cut it off because it got in the way of his working on The Car. I completely understand. Nothing like getting a pony tail caught up in the wheels of a creeper! OUCH.

Here he is working on The Car, a ’57 Chevy. He’s getting close to starting the engine! He’s done most of the work himself, learning as he goes. He’s had to think outside the box on more than one occasion. He’s managed to solve every problem that has come up. When he wants to learn something he reads, he asks questions and he picks people’s brains, then he reads some more. He refuses to give up.

Here he is making cuttings from a plant. For 18 years he grew plants, mostly herbs, for wholesale. He taught himself how to do that too. Except for helping his dad out in the garden when he was a kid he didn't know anything about growing plants. By the time he "retired" from it last year, he had two greenhouses on the back half of our property. He grew beautiful plants that were as near to organic as he could get without being certified.

As might be expected, our yard is full of plants and trees. We keep adding more even though we
really don’t have the room, yet somehow we
always manage to find a spot.

Stan likes to read, car magazines and science fiction mostly. But he reads lots of other stuff. He likes to star gaze and will stand outside on a cold winter’s night with the binoculars looking for star clusters. He likes to keep food in the bird feeder so that we can sit on our porch and watch and listen to our feathered friends. He eats most anything I put in front of him. He helps A LOT around the house.

He’s my Sweetie and I love him.

Happy Birthday, Stan.


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