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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What Erva Said about "My Visit to Bunnyland"

My sister, who has a memory like an elephant, can remember details of shared experiences that are lost to me. Here's what she said about "My Visit to Bunnyland."

And I refused to sit on the Bunny's lap! That picture, like all the Santa shots, was taken at the Emporium in San Francisco. This was one of Mom's favorite stores. Mom also loved the City of Paris, and Penny's was a staple - that's where your pink dress came from. At the same time, Mom bought me a blue one and we're in them at the last Thanksgiving Dinner in Castro Valley in 1955. It was a day or so later that we boarded thePasadena in Stockton - leg one of the journey to St. Thomas. How's that for a long memory? Of course, there's a lot more.

I wrote a little about our three week journey on the Pasadena in my blog entry called Arrival.

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