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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Random Thought

I was thinking about the full moon...and the eclipse last night (which we didn't get to see because of cloud cover) and that got me to trying to remember a poem I used to know as kid. I looked it up (the internet can be sooooo wonderful) and I found it. Not only that, I found the book it was in, a collection of poem edited by Blanche Jennings Thompson. It was the same book I had as a kid. Alas, it is one book from my childhood that did not survive. It was called Silver Pennies.

Here is the poem.

Yet Gentle Will the Griffin Be
by Vachel Lindsey

The moon? It is a griffin's egg,
Hatching to-morrow night.
And how the little boys will watch
With shouting and delight
To see him break the shell and stretch
And creep across the sky.
The boys will laugh. The little girls, I fear, may hide and cry.
Yet gentle will the griffin be,
Most decorours and fat,
And walk up the Milky Way
And lap it like a cat.


  1. The griffin hatched!

    The eclipse was glorious to see as I stepped out on the roof at various times between 10:00 pm and about 2:00 am last night. As I'm more than fresh out of "thou," too bad there wasn't a handy loaf of bread or a jug of wine either. Oh, well.

    Thanks for the call!

  2. Wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing it!


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